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The Old Monk's Tale

The Old Monk's Tale

Ben F. Wilson, Laura Sawyer, James Gordon, Charles Sutton, Jessie McAllister
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J. Searle Dawley
10/10 (Votes: 1824)
Tags: Drama  Short 
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Edison Company
Released:15 February 1913
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The tale deals with a dark-eyed beauty of Spanish blood who had won heart after heart and has put them all aside because they did not bring her a lap full of jewels. A stranger fell under her spell and although she knew that he had won her heart yet she would not surrender herself until he had secured the jewels she so long sought. Another fair Senorita, who was jealous of the attentions that the gallant paid to the coquette one day, creeping close to the stranger, told him where he could get the jewels his sweetheart longed for. He at first laughed at the idea, but the seed of evil had been planted and something slowly crept into his soul, and going out into the night he wended his way to the mission by the sea and took the jewels that decorated the neck of the Madonna. Then he fell at the feet of his loved one and tossed into her lap the jewels, but before his eyes there was a haunted dread. At a ball given by the Governor there was laughter and gaiety. The coquette was in all her ...

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